This Mother’s Day we are celebrating with some influential mums. Read our series of interviews with uber mums Simi Esiri,Arese Ugwu and Lanri da Silva.  Today….

Lanre da Silva, Instagram @lanredasilvaajayi


  1. You said in an interview recently, that you are a natural homemaker despite your passion for your creative work, which requires a lot of your time. Being a mother, a wife, and a working woman is admirable. People usually say that women have it harder because they are asked to juggle their work, their family, and their social life. How do you manage to combine it all?

It’s certainly is not easy finding a balance as a working woman, but I somehow make it work. With the help of my supportive husband, mum,sisters, and friends, they have made my work more smooth sailing for me to cope with the demanding fashion industry as well as carry out my responsibility as a wife and a mother to my children. I thank God.

2) Nowadays, there are so many social media pages dedicated to fashionable young children. As a mother and fashion designer, do you think that children could be the ones dictating trends in the near future?

Children will no doubt be the future leaders of tomorrow’s generation. As parents, we need to fulfil our responsibilities to lead, direct and guide our children in the right paths as they grow in this social media era.

Nowadays, children have a strong opinion of how they want to look. As a parent, you can say no every now and then to their style choices but then again you see their peers wearing the same styles and you re- think.

At the moment teenagers are setting fashion trends and that’s so exciting to see this level of creativity. Let’s enjoy their innocence in this age of social media and technology.

3) Being a full time mum and a fashion designer is a super power in itself, but if you could choose one super power what would it be?  IMGA4869-Edit

It would be so awesome for me to have the superpower of Time Manipulation. I will get everything done quickly without time been an hindrance.

4) If you had to think of one thing, what would you say is the most important value you want to pass on to your children?

Self -confidence- is a value I will like my children to exude. A confident child is a happy child and able to deal with whatever life has in store.

5) If you were asked to choose an outfit for your child what would you choose and why?

For my daughter I will get her a party Dress. She looks lovely and pretty in Dresses. I will get a smart shirt and pair of trousers for my son that he can wear to functions as well.