This Mother’s Day we are celebrating with some influential mums. Read our series of interviews with uber mums Simi Esiri,Arese Ugwu and Lanre da Silva.  Today….

Simi Esiri, Instagram @simiesiri

1) A lot of first time mums are really worried about delivery, what would be your advice to them, as someone who recently went through the same experience?

Delivery is always different for everyone, but the first thing I’ll say is to worry less and pray more. For first mums, it’s the fear of the unknown that sometimes gets us rattled, having a positive attitude towards it will help and in the end, all will work out. Stay active especially in your last trimester, I spent my last month doing a lot of walking and swimming consistently till my water broke.


2) Having a child is a big lifestyle change, what is the biggest change having a baby has made?

The biggest change for me has got to be my sleep pattern! I can’t remember the last time I had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep but I truly wouldn’t have it any other way – children are such a blessing and they bring so much light into our lives.

3) If you had to think of one thing, what would you say is the most important value you want to pass on to your daughter?

I learnt how to be strong and compassionate from my mother, if I had to pick one to pass on to my daughter, it would be compassion – being able to put others before yourself says a lot about your character. IMGA4731-Edit-Edit

4) One recent article showed that a mum of two was addicted to her smartphone. Some people have criticised the ever-present need for technology in family life, others applaud convenience that technology has afforded to make life easier for mothers. What are your thoughts on this?

Technology has definitely made life easier for me. I keep in touch with my daughter, thanks to technology. I get to see everything – I wasn’t there the first time she crawled but my husband recorded it and I got to see it all on a video. That being said, being addicted to your phone isn’t ideal, it’s all about having a healthy balance.

5) If you were asked to choose an outfit for your child what would you choose and why?

I love my daughter in girly and bright outfits so I chose this matching two piece with gold detailing – the buttons stand out!