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The Petit Tribe Foundation

Petit Tribe is not just about beautifully designed clothes and accessories but was set up with the intention of giving back. 1% of Petit Tribe’s revenue (note that’s the top line, not the bottom line) will go directly to supporting schools in Nigeria. Olatoun has set up the Petit Tribe Foundation to support the education of young people with potential in Nigeria.

Upon returning to Nigeria after several years of studying in the UK and US, she was shocked by the simple constraint of lack of basic education that faced most working class people. She spent time getting close to and really understanding the issues faced by many of the families around her. A recurring theme was financial pressures on families, forcing children with great potential out of regular schooling.

Olatoun began to sponsor several local children in order to give them a better and longer education. Through the Petit Tribe Foundation, Olatoun is formalising this support to work specifically with families, which have recognized potential to keep their children in long-term education.

This will help build a much better underlying skill base in Nigeria. Olatoun wants to engage in a meaningful way with working class families in rural and developing villages and cities to hear their stories, with the intent of sponsoring their children’s education.

As little as £100 can pay for the education of a child for a year.

Photography by Olatoun Okunnu