About us

It all began with a dream

Petit Tribe is a new fashion childrenswear brand founded by Olatoun Jolaoso. Our strongly print based collection dresses girls and boys up to the age of 12 as well as newborns and babies. The collection is designed for the child, who is curious, bold, fun loving – an explorer! We celebrate bold prints, dazzling colours and seamlessly fuse African inspiration with contemporary styling. Pieces are bold, vibrant and easy to wear.

Olatoun, a Nigerian entrepreneur who studied in both the US and the UK, began thinking about starting a childrenswear collection when pregnant with her daughter almost 4 years ago.

She was inspired by the nomadic Fulani Tribe, which she saw and connected with almost every day while growing up in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna. The Fulani’s astonishingly vibrant tribal prints and patterns inform the design and very basis of Petit Tribe.

Olatoun has also been inspired by the Fulani Tribe’s deep sense of community and their ability to fuse cultural aspects of the different societies visited during their far reaching nomadic journeys over the centuries. Petit Tribe aspires to these values of community and is constantly drawing inspiration from our travels through life.

The contemporary design, the detailed finishing, the urban globetrotting influences that signify Petit Tribe, all began to mix with the early African roots of Petit Tribe when Olatoun met our now creative director Joanne Jong and together Petit Tribe was born.